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As you have gathered by now I am keen fan of self-improvement programs on the Internet, and I just wanted to drop a quick line here to help you with any dietary and weight problems that you might have right now.

As you know, it’s all too easy to fall into the delusion that good sex depends on physical appearance, but there is some truth in fact that when either a man or woman puts on weight, his or her partner may Find that the having some kind of physical response which is, shall we say, not entirely positive.

Equally, for a man, particularly around life, it’s important to ensure that diet doesn’t allow a potbelly to accumulate, because the fat around the pubic area can obscure the length erect penis shaft.

So I’m going to post a link here to a program for women which is all about diet and weight loss, not in the hope or expectation that all you plump middle-aged ladies out there, will buy it, go to the gym, do some exercise routines, shed the excess pounds and end up looking like The Goddess Venus, but simply because you will actually feel better and you will enjoy sex more.

Ejaculation By Command

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Ejaculation By Command is a complete ejaculation control system so powerful that it stops rapid ejaculation and gives you complete ejaculation control within days.

This amazing system lets you enjoy sex with absolute confidence, so you never have to worry about coming too soon - and best of all you can actually choose when you ejaculate - every time you have sex! It’s a truly fantastic, new and revolutionary method of ejaculation control!

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Premature ejaculation - How to control premature ejaculation

How to control premature ejaculation

Tips About Lasting Longer & Ejaculating On Command

Ejaculation By Command describes techniques designed for men who want control premature ejaculation and last longer during sex. It’s been reviewed over many years and gives you greater ejaculatory control during lovemaking, and indeed it’s based on the method used by professional sex therapists in a clinical setting when they work one-to-one with clients.

These ideas are actually very straightforward and you can use them at home without any professional assistance whatsoever to rapidly control your ejaculation.

The first step is to become more familiar with the moment when you’re about to ejaculate: you simply review how aroused you are. And that’s easy, because the feelings you get just before the ejaculatory reflex switches on and commands your muscles to forcibly expel semen from your body are unmistakable!

These sensations are actually caused by the emission of semen from the seminal vesicles into the base of the penis immediately before the reflex reaction of ejaculation itself.

This moment is termed the “point of no return” (or PONR, or the “point of ejaculatory inevitability”), and it marks the phase of arousal after which ejaculation cannot be prevented. In Ejaculation By Command, Lloyd Lester reviews exactly how and why you need to be familiar with these feelings, and shows how they can help you with ejaculating on demand.

One of the difficulties that men who come quickly face is that there is nowhere as comprehensive as Ejaculate By Command. For example, where else would you find information about how you can be taken by surprise in arriving at your point of ejaculatory inevitability?

For many men who cannot ejaculate on command, the moment of ejaculation is upon them before they know it. So if you are one of these men and you wish to develop greater control over sex, ejaculation and climax, you must first develop a greater awareness of how aroused you are, and how near the point of ejaculatory inevitability you may be. This is where Ejaculating on Command can help you develop more control.

As any review of Ejaculating By Command emphasizes, you need to be aware that you are approaching the PONR as soon as possible; when you know that you are, you can reduce the sexual stimulation you’re receiving. Such command and control is essential to be a good lover!

By intervening in this way, as explained in the prohibitions in Ejaculation By Command, a man gives himself time for his arousal to drop so that he continue making love for longer.

In essence, therefore, what you’re actually doing is developing a greater awareness of the reflex reactions within your own body, so that have greater warning of your ejaculatory reflex, which gives you time to stop thrusting, or the chance to withdraw completely from your partner during lovemaking so that your arousal can then decrease.

After which, of course, you can continue lovemaking. In my opinion, this is the key to being able to last longer in bed.

I should emphasize that this is not a difficult process but it does require focus and clarity, as well as a clear intention to improve your performance in bed. The problem for us men is that we have a powerful instinct once sex has started to continue moving and thrusting in our partner until we ejaculate – however, Lloyd Lester says you can make a conscious decision to control and override that instinct and intervene in the process so that you deliberately learn to last longer.

In practical terms you need to make love more slowly, and develop an awareness of the sensations that you experience all the way through your sexual response cycle.

As reviews of sexual arousal in men and women emphasize, our sexual responses go through four separate phases: first, excitement (or arousal); second, the plateau stage; third, the phase of orgasm and ejaculation; and lastly the resolution phase.

In the first stage the most obvious change is that you get an erection. During the plateau stage of sexual arousal, you will feel very aroused, your erection will be at its hardest, and your sexual excitement gradually increases and increases, as explained in the best Ejaculation By Command reviews, towards your climax. At some point, your increasing arousal will trigger your ejaculation.

This is a two step process – you initially sense the emission phase – the point at which semen enters the base of your penis from the seminal vesicles in preparation for the second phase of ejaculation, which inevitably follows.

The feelings of orgasm begin in the contraction of the muscles of the pelvic area, the anus, the perineum, and the penis. Ejaculating on command becomes increasingly challenging as the sexual response cycle progresses.

Ignoring intervention and demand oriented responsivity is when you will ejaculate without control. It is your duty as a lover to control this urge and develop greater responsibility and regulation of your sexual responses.


Only when you’re aware of the point you’ve reached on your sexual response cycle can you be aware of how aroused you are, but once you know this it is extremely easy to interrupt whatever sexual activity you are enjoying.

This way you prevent any further increase in your arousal; indeed, the point is to allow your arousal to decrease significantly before you continue with sexual activity.

For Men: Using Ejaculation By Command To Last Longer In Bed

Honest Ejaculation By Command reviews are few and far between. But Lloyd Lester advises avoiding any stimulants, especially drugs or alcohol. You don’t keep a clear head when you are using these mind altering substances, and they certainly won’t help you to last longer during sex.

Pay attention to what is going on in your whole body, rather than just in your penis and balls. Only when you have dominion over your ejaculation can you get the most pleasure from sex.

And don’t forget there is also sexual sensation to be enjoyed in the rest of your body, and the more you focus on it, the better it will be. As you enjoy the mounting arousal which comes with foreplay, sex play, intercourse or mutual masturbation, you may review your body and notice it is getting more and more tense. As the demands of sexual arousal increase, you become more likely to ejaculate sooner.

This is one way in which your progress towards orgasm speeds up and you lose the ability to develop sexual skills of ejaculation by command.

The body releases muscular tension through orgasm and ejaculation, and the more tense you are, the more likely you are to reach orgasm, faster. Therefore, maintaining a relaxed body and mind can greatly assist in slowing your progress towards orgasm.

One way to do this is not to thrust actively with your buttocks and pelvic muscles. This is a way of commanding your ejaculation. Instead, try to keep your buttocks relaxed and swinging your hips in a loose movement backwards and forwards.

And another way to ensure that you remain comparatively relaxed is to breathe deeply and slowly. When your breathing is shallow, you will certainly find that your body is more tense and your progress toward orgasm is faster.

Deep breathing reflects and dispels tension and slows down the rate at which you move toward orgasm. This prohibits rapid ejaculation and allows you top develop greater choice, the key component of ejaculation by command. In fact, if you allow your body to do what comes naturally, then you will find that your breathing slows and deepens during sex.

Ejaculation By Command Reviewed

But our natural response to this change is to resist it, simply because we like to pursue the mounting sexual pleasure, which as you may recall from above, in large part is due to the mounting tension in the muscles of our bodies……and this, as I have said, is reinforced by shallow breathing and faster breathing.

You can hopefully see how this explanation of Ejaculation By Command allows you to stay relaxed and breath slowly and deeply so you keep more control over your ejaculation as you enjoy sex.

Next, something that may seem obvious – and at the same time difficult to achieve. That is, learning to take as much stimulation to your penis as your partner can give you without coming until you want to do so! Impossible? Well, ejaculatory control of this order is not really so difficult.

Commanding Ejaculation By Demand

Think how you long you last when you control the progress you make towards orgasm during masturbation sessions – you can choose, if you wish, to lengthen the time before you come (or “cum”) by stopping your self-stimulation for a while as you enjoy masturbation. Why not adapt this to sex with a partner? Ejaculation by Command reviews show one major difference: in one situation you are on your own, and in the other you are not!

Admittedly, with a partner there may be more stimulation than when you are on your own (having someone else’s hand wank you is more exciting than doing it yourself, after all), but in essence the process is the same. Accept “dry handed” stimulation until you know you are going to ejaculate, then stop and wait until your arousal has died down.

Then have your partner recommence stimulation and keep going until you once again feel you are about to ejaculate. And so on….by a process of constant repetition several times a week over a period of a few weeks, you will rapidly develop the ability to last longer during sexual stimulation, be able to accept greater stimulation, and ultimately have more ejaculatory control.

The next stage in learning to last longer in bed is to make the stimulation feel more like penetrative sex: in other words, to use a lubricant (massage oil being a good one) to make the whole process more slippery and possibly arousing.

The process is the same as above but you will probably need to check and adjust the point at which you stop the stimulation so that you don’t ejaculate without control.

Slow and steady stroking until you get to your point of no return (your point of ejaculatory inevitability) is the way to cope with this process. Gradually increase the stimulation, until each time you find that you can look over it without ejaculating unexpectedly. After all, the basis of this method is self-awareness.

Your partner can start by masturbating you to the point of no return, but it is up to you to have the self-control to tell her when to stop! Keep going at this until you feel you have made some progress in controlling your ejaculation by command reviewed. Only by slow, incremental progress will you eventually develop the skill to last longer in bed.

When you consider this, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that the next step of the process is to step up the stimulation by using the same system of stop-start stimulation while you enjoy oral sex.

Most men find this almost as arousing as vaginal intercourse: should you happen to be a man who does not find fellatio as arousing as masturbation, say, then please adapt the process so that the different methods of stimulation you receive from your partner are gradually more exciting to you. 

It is the review of how you do and the gradation of stimulation which makes this an effective way to develop more ejaculation control.

Needless to say, the final stage of the process is to do something similar while you enjoy penetrative intercourse. For most men this is more exciting than just about anything else.

So start slowly, and when you feel you are approaching your point of ejaculatory inevitability, but you are still some way off, reduce the stimulation you are getting. For example, thrust more slowly, more shallowly, or stop thrusting altogether.

In extreme cases, withdraw. Your partner may object, because she is enjoying it, so you have to be firm here.  See if she wants to switch to fellatio for a while if this is less exciting to you. Or see if you can give her cunnilingus – anything, but don’t continue the stimulation that is likely to make you ejaculate! That defeats the whole purpose.

In the usual method of allying these techiques, the woman pleasures the man until he tells her to stop. However, she also uses the so-called squeeze technique, which means that she will squeeze his penis fairly hard when he gets to his point of ejaculatory inevitability.

This is very slightly painful, or uncomfortable, and the effect is not only to reduce his arousal but to cause his erection to soften slightly. It certainly reduces his arousal, and so allows him to accept more stimulation before he ejaculates.

Repeated over time, it is said to have the effect of a good effect in a man’s staying power. She continues to masturbate him when his arousal has dropped.

This should be an effective way of learning greater self-control but whether you wish to incorporate the squeeze technique is another matter. With determination, the method is just as effective without it.

Some more ideas which may help you to last longer.

The sexual position you use during intercourse may have a significant effect on the speed with which you ejaculate. Man on top or missionary sex will increase the level of tension in your body and certainly make you ejaculate faster.

Although the position is rewarding and produces great feelings, it may help your staying power if you try sex in either the side by side orientation or the woman on top position. Both woman top and side by side sex positions offer the chance of greater ejaculatory control.

Release tension by making a lot of noise during sex.  You may be surprised to find that making a lot of noise during sex can release tension and so prolong your progress to wards orgasm – unless, of course, you happen to find sexy talk even more arousing…..but the noise we refer to here is more about groans, moans and sighs, rather than words such as “Oh yes, fuck me, harder, harder, harder!”

Don’t blame yourself when things go wrong and you ejaculate too soon This will happen from time to time as you learn ejaculatory control, and it doesn’t matter. What you want to achieve is steady forward progress.

Penis desensitizing creams maybe helpful, but it is hard to know how they will affect you until you have tried them. Most reviews of ejaculation by command suggest they do not work. But they are worth trying; if they don’t work for you, abandon them and try something else. Tips for using them: put hem on half an hour before sex, then wash off the cream before you have intercourse.

Ejaculate On Command and Satisfy Your Partner

By focusing on your partner, rather than yourself, you may find that you develop greater staying power. Certainly, an obsessive self-monitoring can lead to faster ejaculations; such a regime is simply too demanding.

Don’t create more anxiety by constantly checking to see how aroused you are getting! Spread your attention to her whole body, and enjoy the reciprocal sense of touch, mutual massage, kissing and fondling.

Make sex a complete experience. You may be surprised to learn that you can have a hard erection but not be especially aroused. The question is: are you ready mentally for intercourse? This means: high arousal, low anxiety, greater self-control. Enact these values and prohibit spontaneous ejaculation!

And a good way to get highly aroused is to spread out foreplay so that sex lasts much longer. You may even find that there is room for two ejaculations on demand in one long session of sex – and you may also find that you can last much longer during your second bout of sex than your first.

This isn’t just the preserve of young men with high testosterone – given enough arousal, most men can find a way to get hard a second time and then have the luxury of a longer, slower, more gentle approach to orgasm.

Spending time getting your partner aroused is well worth while, because it takes attention off you, and nothing is more arousing for a man than seeing an aroused woman enjoying sex!

Ejaculation By Command - Too Overwhelming?

The truth is, controlling your ejaculation is not very complicated at all! There’s a lot of information in this program, but you don’t have to read it all.

You can choose the parts you want to look at. You can choose the techniques you want to use. You can choose which bonuses you read and which you leave for later. In short, you have complete control of how you start ejaculating with command.

A very interesting section of ejaculated from order is about how you relate to women, not just in the bedroom, but in life in general.

This is something about your “inner game" as a man. In other words, it’s about how you bring how your powerful masculinity to bear on a woman, melt her heart, make her want sex with you, and so ensure that you both have the best orgasms possible.

So let’s review where we’ve got to. There’s that 135 page e-book, which shows you all the ejaculation control techniques, with all those amazing strategies, tips, tricks and techniques that you need, right now, to boost your ability to last longer in bed.

In addition there are a load of bonus programs that give you information about how you can change your mental attitude, making yourself into a powerful and attractive man who women desire.

There’s comprehensive information about male and female sexuality, about the origins of sexual desire and sexual arousal, and how to get turned on and control the way a woman responds to you sexually.

There’s bonus information on sexual positions and sexual techniques that could - no, WILL - make you one of the best lovers that any woman has ever had.

By the time you’ve finished reading this program, you are going to be such a good lover there’ll be no holding you back.

Anything you want to achieve in bed, you’ll be able to achieve. You have the confidence to go out and pick up women, seduce them, make love to them, ravish them, and sexually fulfill them.

And in doing so, you’ll sexually fulfill yourself in a way that you’ve never experienced before.

The Scientific View of Ejaculation Control

You might think that a problem so common as premature ejaculation would have been solved by the medics long ago. But the truth is that the medics don’t even agree on what causes premature ejaculation.

Now I’m not saying this matters, because you can treat the symptoms, using a program like Ejaculation By Command, and the difficulties all go away.

I mention it only because I want you to understand that Ejaculation By Command is absolutely at the forefront of knowledge in this field.

I mean, you only have to look at some of the research that’s has been conducted to see how science has failed men with this particular sexual dysfunction.

As far back as in 2004 Donald Patrick and Stanley Althof wrote a scientific paper in which they discussed the effect that premature ejaculation has on men and their sexual partners.

And some of the things they said, to be honest, are absolutely obvious. That includes the statement that rapid ejaculation is the most common male sexual problem. As to how common it is - well, you name any figure over 50%. The higher the better.  Yep, that’s how many men cannot ejaculate on command.

You see, nature provided us with an evolutionary strategy for successful reproduction: stick it in, come, withdraw, and get on with something else. Great though that may have been for our primal ancestors, it’s not so great for us in a world where sex has become so important.

But there’s a mistake made if you think defining premature ejaculation is all about the speed with which a man comes. The truth is, it isn’t about speed, it’s about control. Or, rather, the lack of control. 

Premature Ejaculation And Ejaculation By Command

Premature ejaculators are men who have no control over how fast they come. Men with control can choose whether they come now, or in 20 minutes’ time.

So what does this matter? What matters to the scientists is probably less important than the rest of us.

And there are other approaches, such as acupuncture, to the treatment of premature ejaculation.

But if they can’t make up a definition of premature ejaculation then they can’t really identify who has it and who hasn’t. And if they can’t do that, then they can’t carry out controlled studies. And that does matter - to a lot of men and women.

But there’s a real irony here. Any man who comes too quickly will identify himself as a premature ejaculator. And what “coming too soon” usually means is that a man would like to last longer in bed, or knows that his partner would like him to last longer in bed.

If you’re in any doubt about how you match up to the rest of the male population, then think of the average time that sex lasts: from penetration to ejaculation, the average time is about 4 minutes. Uncontrolled, that is. Not an ejaculation on command.

Now compare this with what women say about how long they want sex to last: the average time a woman wants sex to last is 9 minutes.

It’s clear that the intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (aka IELT) of the average man is too short to satisfy his partner.

The Impact Of Lack Of Ejaculatory Command By Men

Donald Patrick interviewed about 1500 men in stable relationships to find out how rapid ejaculation affected men and their partners. They use the definition of rapid ejaculation from the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, edition 4, otherwise known as DSM IV

And by the way, premature ejaculation is a sexual issue, not a sexual disease, sexual dysfunction, and certainly not a mental disorder. This kind of language would never be used in a program written for the average man, such as Ejaculation By Command, authored by Lloyd Lester.

So in this study, men in their partners were given a stop watch, and the woman was told to switch on when the man penetrated her, and switch off when he came. Not very romantic, but still, that’s research for you.

And, as you might expect, it turned out that the men who were diagnosed as having premature ejaculation came within an average time of 1.8 minutes, which is about 5.5 minutes before the so-called “average” man ejaculates.

Now it’s hardly surprising to learn that the men who came quickly said that they felt they had much less control over their ejaculation, and that they were a lot less satisfied with intercourse that the ones who lasted longer.

What does seem slightly strange, is that the men’s partners appeared to be more tolerant, more accepting, of premature ejaculation. Well, maybe. The truth is that women probably hide their feelings about this condition so that they don’t make their men feel bad.

So clearly rapid ejaculation, not being able to enjoy Ejaculation By Command is something that impacts men more than it does women. It strikes at the heart of a man’s self-esteem.

Another study, this time by Stanley Althof and Raymond Rosen,  suggests that uncontrolled ejaculation causes anxiety, and depression, and stress, for both men and women.

And that doesn’t surprise me. Being able to command the way events move during sex is something that chips away at a man’s confidence and self-esteem. It might even lead to erectile dysfunction; it certainly leads to anxiety. So basically Althof and Rosen demonstrated that there was a high level of anxiety and distress in men who have premature climax during intercourse.

Ejaculation By Commanding Makes Us Men, Does It?

You see, the thing is, most men want to satisfy a woman sexually. Most women want a man to satisfy them sexually.

There’s a powerful dynamic at work which is natural between men and women. It’s about taking and being taken. It’s about thrusting and yielding. It’s about connection and separation.

To some extent, a woman looks for a man to command during intercourse. She certainly expects him to ejaculate by command his ejaculation!

And yet despite the importance of this sexual dysfunction, only around one man in 25 does anything about it. And by that I mean, goes and gets help from a sex therapist or someone qualified to deal with such problems.

Would it surprise you to learn, therefore, that about half of the women who turn up for sex therapy have partners who experience premature ejaculation on a regular basis?

Does that not suggest that women’s sexual dysfunction and sexual difficulties might just them from the fact that their men are failing to satisfy them? That their men need something like Ejaculation By Command?

Of course it does.

And even though Rosen and Althof came to the conclusion that rapid ejaculation was as important a dysfunction as erectile dysfunction and could impact a couple’s relationship in a similar way, very little has actually been done to help men in a constructive way by the medical profession, and the main resources that are available to us are programs like Ejaculation By Command by Lloyd Lester

Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation

The medics would have you believe that you can take SSRI antidepressants to cure premature ejaculation.

Well, I strongly recommend that you avoid doing any such thing. Pharmaceuticals that are designed to alter mood, change brain chemistry, and alleviate depression, are not designed as a cure for premature ejaculation.

Why would you even consider interfering with the way your brain operates at a chemical level to try and cure a sexual dysfunction? This just doesn’t make any sense to me.

The way to deal with things like premature ejaculation is to use a system designed specifically for that problem. Ejaculation By Command by Lloyd Lester is a program that changes certain things about the way your body responds to sexual stimulation, it changes the way you think and feel about yourself as a sexual being, and it gives you much more confidence in the bedroom.

Those are actually the three things that you need to become a long-lasting lover. In reviewing Ejaculation By Command, what I’ve found is that the modern techniques which are available, techniques from the fields of hypnosis and NLP, can very effectively and very quickly change  a man’s sexual responses… if he wants to be able to control how long he lasts for before he reaches climax.

This is a review of Ejaculation By Command which has demonstrated very clearly that changing your mental belief system about yourself, changing the way your body responds to stimulation during sexual intercourse, and reducing anxiety, is a treatment that works.

A complete treatment that can have you lusting (a misprint; that should have said thrusting… but it seems good either way) for as long as you want before you ejaculate.

You may be asking how that can be possible.  Read on below to find out how.

Therapy and Premature Ejaculation

There is a widespread belief in society that extensive psychotherapy is necessary to deal with sexual dysfunction.

The simple truth is rather different: if you treat sexual dysfunction as a problem that’s developed in response to an old, unwanted behavior pattern, there’s no reason to assume that you need to go down the route of counseling and therapy.

I’d only advise this if Ejaculation By Command doesn’t work for you. If it doesn’t have any impact on the problem, that might suggest you have some deep emotional or psychological issues around intimacy, sex, or women, that need some professional help to sort out.

However, 90% of men find this Ejaculation By Command approach to treatment that actually works!

You see, the listening therapies, like psychotherapy and counseling, have always been effective in dealing with deep emotional issues and helping men get greater command over their ejaculation.

By reviewing attitudes and behaviors, thoughts and feelings, experiences and objectives, over prolonged periods of time, the therapist and client can work together to tease out exactly what it is that is impacting the man and his sexuality.

If there’s nothing wrong with his basic sexuality, and his rapid ejaculation is simply a learned response, then none of this deep work is actually necessary.

Instead, the program review of Ejaculation By Command can enable him to take total and absolute control of his sexuality, his sexual responses, and the length of time between penetration and ejaculation.

It has to be said, however, that one of the major factors at work is performance anxiety. When a man becomes more confident about himself in sexual relationships, performance anxiety tends to diminish. And when that happens, prematurity tends to disappear.

What I would say on this front is that anxiety can be the bane of any man who desires greater command and control in bed.

Reviews of all systems on the market demonstrate that while psychotherapy and counseling can be extremely helpful and sometimes necessary in learning how to control rapid ejaculation, most men prefer to deal with the problem at home, using a self-help treatment guide.

And so, as I said, that is where Ejaculation By Command, written by Lloyd Lester, scores very highly.

It’s a treatment program that you can use on your own, or with your partner, to gain a different perspective of how you relate to your sexual partners and sex itself.

It’s a program that you can use to train your body to respond more slowly to sexual stimulation.

And by doing that, you’ll be able to remain below the point of no return, the point of ejaculatory inevitability, for much longer.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy vs Ejaculation By Command

One of the traditional approaches to counseling is psychodynamic therapy, where analysis of motivational issues and feelings is seen as essential for a man to take command of his bodily responses and sexual behavior.

In this approach, analysis of conflicts, desires and hopes will take centre stage as the man and his therapist work through the issues which present themselves.

And certainly I can see some situations in which an approach like this may be regarded as essential.

You see, for one thing, if a man has a very deep fear of women, or perhaps a huge level of anger towards them, it’s very unlikely that he’ll be able to enjoy the intimacy of making love in a way that makes him feel safe and trusting.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that coming quickly is a very practical and effective way for a man to escape from a threatening and aversive situation. That’s the whole point of Ejaculation By Command, in a way.

Obviously if this is true, then extending the duration of lovemaking will depend entirely on a man being able to tease out the issues that he has with women and resolve them, so that he no longer feels threatened by their presence.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapists have adopted a different response to premature ejaculation, seeing it mostly as a conditioned response.

That means a man has learned to respond in a certain way to a certain stimulus. For example, it may be that as a teenager a man was shamed for masturbating, and so later in life premature ejaculation serves to release sexual tension, while keeping shame low. Since a sexual experience is associated with shame, so a rapid climax of short duration, is a way to resolve the conflict between sexual tension and emotional shame.

Now you can see that the psychological approach to PE is a very different one to the behavioral techniques set out in Ejaculation By Command. The premise of Ejaculation By Command is simple: if you change bodily responses and mental beliefs, feelings and neural pathways, then you can fundamentally change a man’s sexual responses when he’s with his partner.

Let me reiterate again the point that psychodynamic psychotherapy doesn’t necessarily need to be applied to all cases of rapid ejaculation.

Sometimes simply reducing anxiety can cure the problem. But more often a two-pronged approach, which changes the beliefs a man holds about himself, while also retraining his body to respond more slowly to sexual stimulation, will eliminate this sexual dysfunction.

And even so, there may be men who need deeper work. My suggestion is that the because Ejaculation By Command comes with a money-back guarantee, you could buy it and see how it helps you.

And even if you do have deeper issues that might benefit from a more therapeutic approach, it’s extremely likely that the behavior modification techniques outlined in the program can give you greater sense of command over your ejaculation during intercourse.

And self-control doesn’t have to come at a price: while therapy would cost hundreds of dollars for each session, and many sessions might be required, Ejaculation By Command costs $50, or $77 if you buy the Platinum edition.

What Really Constitutes a Cure For Premature Ejaculation

One of the big issues that men report when they experience premature ejaculation is that they cannot identify how aroused they are before they find themselves ejaculating.

But instead of developing sensitivity to what their body is telling them, these men often resort to tricks which produce even more disconnection from their sensory system: they resort to using delay condoms or anesthetic spray creams.

The truth is, of course, that what’s actually needed here is more connection with your body. A man who finds himself in this situation — that is, ejaculating without warning — is doing so because he’s lost contact with his body and in particular with his level of arousal.

He catapults towards the point of no return so quickly that it is upon him before he can do anything about it.

To get over this, a man needs to engage in a series of behavioral exercises such as those contained in Ejaculation by Command and which will gradually help him to become more aware of how aroused he is, and so more sensitive to the feedback from his body.

For example this might mean starting with masturbation, and gradually extending the period before ejaculation  and climax, being careful to observe and experience all the sensations that precede the moments before orgasm.

Furthermore, in this situation a man needs to examine his belief system. If he is, as therapists might say, “running a belief” that he can’t control his ejaculation, then obviously there is a self-fulfilling prophecy at work.

Instead of this rather pessimistic attitude, it would be appropriate for a man to change his beliefs, using the techniques outlined in Ejaculation By Command: these include NLP and self hypnosis techniques and they can make a massive difference to the man’s power and potency in bed.

In another scientific study, Donahue and Miller  showed that it didn’t really matter what form of therapy and talking therapy a man tried; regardless of the goals for treatment, therapy was more effective when a man had a good relationship with the therapist!

In some ways this should tell us all we need to know about seeking out that kind of cure for rapid ejaculation! Interestingly enough, however, the long term therapeutic failure rate with talking therapies can be as high as 75%, which would imply that the fundamental issues causing a sexual dysfunction in the first place have not been dealt with.

If you review Ejaculation By Command you very quickly realize that this is a totally different approach: this is about teaching men behavioral skills to control ejaculation, and showing them how to use mental and emotional techniques that allow a man to change his beliefs about himself so he basically goes into sex with a confident frame of mind.

Finally I just want to mention the possibility of using drugs to cure PE.  shows the results of a study conducted by Professor Jon Pryor and colleagues, which looked at the use of Dapoxetine in controlling PE.

Two 3-month studies, conducted in accordance with the highest scientific standards, were used to assess whether or not Dapoxetine could control moderate to severe cases of rapid ejaculation.

Intravaginal ejaculatory latency times were measured by the man’s partner, who stopwatched the timing and duration of intercourse.

The results were rather startling, bearing in mind that Dapoxetine has been recommended as the ideal cure for PE.

Taking the drug extended intercourse from 1.7 minutes to 2.7 minutes on average in men who’d been given a 30 mg dose.

Those given 60 mg managed to endure for 3.5 minutes before they ejaculated. This is crazy!

This drug hardly improved things at all. The timings certainly don’t represent any kind of confidence or achievement amongst the men who were suffering from premature ejaculation.

So tell me, do you think that suffering side-effects of Dapoxetine, like nausea and dizziness, to get intercourse lasting for a mere two or three minutes is worthwhile?

Or would it be better, do you think, to use the “secret” techniques, tricks and tips revealed in Ejaculation By Command as a means of extending sexual intercourse?